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Giving Back To Those Willing To Give All

A homeless veteran doesn’t have to be hopeless. According to multiple sources, on average, 35-40,000 veterans are homeless in our country on any given night. Camp GRAVES, through our facility Camp Rendezvous Veteran Housing and Work Center, is working to put a dent in Veteran homelessness in our area.  Temporary housing, paired with targeted supportive services, can create long-term solutions, permanently getting them off the streets and back to the life they deserve. They have served us and now it is our turn to serve them.

The Facility

Located in Mayfield, KY, Camp Rendezvous will house up to 9 veteran residents, have a library/study, the “CORPS room” (Crisis Outreach through Resources and Peer Support), recreation room, group room, an office space for confidential meetings, and a work center. Housing is provided for up to 18 months’ rent free, giving these servicemen the time and opportunity to heal physically, mentally, and financially, so they can break the cycles that have kept them from the life a hero deserves to lead.

About the Program

In cooperation with veteran organizations, Camp Rendezvous will connect the Veteran residents to the resources that displacement has disconnected them from. Veterans will come to Camp Rendezvous by referral from Veteran associated organizations, treatment, or transitional centers. This will not be a “homeless shelter”, but a place to make permanent changes that will keep these veterans from returning to homelessness or negative cycles that hinder their success. To remain eligible for services, residents must submit to a background check, random drug testing, and must comply with the recommended treatment plans their medical and mental health providers have prescribed them. By connecting them with Veteran organizations and resources that will remain with them after leaving Camp Rendezvous, we can ensure that these servicemen will have the support structure needed to maintain their progress long after moving forward from our program.

The Work Center

The business that utilizes the work center will employ our Veteran residents. Getting back into the workforce can be difficult when you are also acclimating to a new home, new people, new routine, new health providers, and new lifestyle. Having a job onsite can eliminate some of the anxiety and barriers that come with starting over. Our hope is that with skill building, support, and time, the residents will move on to external employment that will support them in their housing, income, and lifestyle goals.

Serving Those Who Served

With housing stability, resources, support services, education, and employment, we can assist these courageous servicemen in rebuilding their lives and breaking the cycle of veteran homelessness. They deserve the life that we all have had the opportunity to lead because of their sacrifice and selflessness.

This facility has been made possible by the generosity of: